Erika Pearce is a multi-disciplined artist and designer born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. Her passion for women, culture and nature inspires her vibrant artwork. Erika is a dedicated ocean conservationist. She is deeply motivated to inspire communities to care for and protect their coastlines and surrounding waters. The creation of her large scale ocean murals has a really positive impact by opening up conversations with people of all ages.

Growing up in one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world, Erika developed a deep respect for the cultures around her from a young age. She creates every piece with a lot of research, understanding and guidance. Her 2018 exhibition, I Am Wahine explores feminine beauty and strength in modern women. She firmly believes that every woman deserves to not only feel beautiful, but to also own their beauty. To be proud of who they are and where they come from. She works with real women to visually tell their stories. 

Her artwork can be found across New Zealand as well as in United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Fiji, Indonesia and in the private homes of collectors around the world.


Erika attended Auckland University of Technology right after high school and graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor of Design, Illustration Major.

After completing university work experience at Rocket Signs, she was in invited to join the design team permanently. In 2012 she started her own freelance business and went out on her own full time. She held her successful first art exhibition at Sitka the following month.

Mural work began in 2013 with a collaboration with Mexicali Fresh. She went on to paint over a dozen Mexicali restaurants and became well know for her vibrant California beach inspired artwork. In 2014 she started to attend street art festivals around the country and her mural work became more widely sought after.

She is regularly commissioned custom painted skateboards, surfboards, canvases and one off personal artworks by collectors all over the world.

In 2017 she began a personal journey of figuring out what she really wanted to say with her artwork. After many years of honing her skills as a commercial and professional artist, she felt it was time to dig deep and discover her calling. Her passion for empowering women inspires her portrait paintings and her journey evolves with each and every piece.




  • ‘Upsurge - Paihia Art Festival’ Community Mural

  • 'General Collective Market’ Exhibitor

  • ‘NZ Spirit Festival’ Artist & Exhibitor


  • ‘Resolution Festival’ - Installation artist

  • ‘Melbourne African Cultural Festival’ - Guest artist / workshop host, Melbourne, AUS

  • ‘South Sea Spray’ - Mural Painting Festival - Riverton, NZ

  • ‘I Am Wahine’ - Solo Exhibition - Endemicworld, Auckland, NZ

  • Live painting for Auckland Cup Day - Ellerslie Races, Auckland, NZ

  • 'The Big Hoot' - Public art exhibition - Giant owl sculpture for the Child Cancer Foundation, Auckland, NZ


  • ‘Street Print Otautahi Festival’ - Mural Painting Festival - Christchurch,NZ

  • 'Street Prints Mauao Festival' - Mural Painting Festival - Mount Maunganui, NZ

  • 'Burger Burger - Design Design competition' - WINNER, NZ

  • "Devonport Arts Festival' - Mural, NZ

  • 'PangeaSeed Sea Walls - Murals for Oceans' - Mural Painting Festival - Napier, NZ

  • 'Parnel Chinese New Year - Starship Fundraiser' - Rooster installation, NZ

  • 'Kiwi Burn - Kereru Sculpture' - Painting contribution, NZ

  • 'Northern Bass Festival' - Live painting and organiser, NZ


  • Painting in Thailand, Indonesia, Fiji and Australia

  • 'Block Party - Auckland' - Live painting and organiser, NZ

  • 'ALC - Iron and Wood' Exhibition - Los Angeles, Wellington and Auckland

  • "Splore Festival' - Contributing artist, NZ

  • 'Northern Bass Festival' - Live painting and organiser, NZ


  • 'White Horses Magazine - Profile' - AUS

  • 'Street Prints Mauao festival' - Mural Painting Festival - Mount Maunganui, NZ

  • 'Pulse - Urban Arts Festival- Mural on a Yacht' - Palmerston North, NZ

  • 'Starship Children's Book' - Illustrator, NZ

  • Hosier Lane - Melbourne - Live painting, AUS

  • 'Classics Museum Calendar' Artist and Model, NZ

  • 'Matchbox Studios - Tiny Traveling Gallery' - Group Exhibition, NZ

  • 'The Big Egg Hunt - Starship Fundraiser' - Auckland, NZ

  • 'Get Up Festival' - Art Festival - New Plymouth, NZ

  • 'Nuffield Lane Festival' - Mural Painting Festival, NZ

  • 'Oma Rapiti' - Group Exhibition, Wellington, NZ


  • 'The Very Vintage Day Out' - Exhibition WINNER, Auckland, NZ

  • 'Tiki Taane' 40ft Container Exhibition - Mural, Auckland, NZ


  • 'New Zealand Tattoo and Art Festival' - New Plymouth, NZ

  • 'Save Maui Dolphins' - Public artwork, Auckland, NZ

  • 'Matariki Festival' - Mural, Auckland, NZ

  • 'Collect Call - Nook Gallery' - Group Exhibition, Auckland, NZ

  • 'Sweet Little Nothings" Solo Exhibition, Auckland, NZ

  • 'Chromacon 2013 - Illustration and Comic Arts Festival' - Auckland, NZ

August 2012 - Started own business

2008-2012 Graphic Designer - Rocket Signs, Auckland, NZ

2008 - Graduated AUT - Bachelor of Design (Illustration Major)